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Unlock the Power of Digital Marketing with Clicks & Socials – Your Expert Partner in Facebook, Instagram, and Google Advertising

Affordable Solutions for Generating More Leads, Boosting Sales, and Precision Audience Targeting for Maximum Visibility to Reach Your Ideal Customer! Book Your Free Consultation Today!

Meena went above and beyond to help us with our social media strategy and provided valuable insights into our overall marketing and website design.


She effectively handled our Facebook ads and we quickly saw multiple times return on spend within a few months and sell-out product ranges.

Retail: J. Mohammed, Managing Director

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It’s truly excellent having Meena consulting for my business. Her knowledge on digital marketing is the best that I’ve found.

I feel that she is a true asset
to anyone’s business who
wants to elevate their digital
marketing results. 

Fashion: H. Hart, Owner

Meena’s been a lifesaver, getting all the tech set up done for our three brands on various social media platforms.


She’s provided us with the perfect paid ads strategy that fits our current position. Plus, she’s given us lots of great advice whilst we revamped our website. Excited to continue with her on our Facebook and Google ads!

Sports: K. J .Smith, Marketing Manager

Welcome! I am Meena Wilson, the face behind Clicks and Socials.


With two decades of solid experience in sales and marketing, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Your business growth is not just a goal, but my priority. Are you ready to enhance your online presence, attract a stream of new leads, connect with fresh customers, and boost your sales to new heights?

You're in the right place!


Let’s get started today!

Contact me now to discuss your unique needs and let’s unlock your business’s full potential.

Why Work With Me?


🎯 Precision Audience Targeting:

My extensive training and experience have equipped me with the expertise to master the intricacies of meticulous and precision audience targeting—an essential skill to reach your ideal customers. I ensure that every ad is seen by those who matter most to your business.

🚀 Latest Hacks and Ad Funnels:

Stay ahead of the curve with my knowledge and practice of using the latest hacks and proven ad funnels. I ensure your ads beat algorithms and your business stands out in the digital crowd.

🔍 Meticulous Optimisation Techniques:

My commitment to meticulous optimisation techniques ensures high-performing ads that turn clicks into conversions. Enjoy multiple times ROAS (return on ad spend) with ads that deliver results.

Explore My Services

Meta (Facebook and Instagram) Fully Managed Service


Get ahead of your competition and in front of your ideal customers! Facebook and Instagram are used by billions worldwide, you can be rest assured that your potential customers are within reach - it’s simply about getting your business in front of the right audience.

Google Ads Fully Managed Service


Be seen by people searching for exactly what you offer! Google gets 63,000 searches every second - If you want your business to appear directly in front of individuals actively seeking what you provide, then Google stands as the number 1 platform to invest in.

Manage Your Own Ads


Do you have a product or service you want to promote on Facebook and Instagram, but your budget doesn't allow for full management? Let me take care of your entire Facebook Ads strategy and set-up, ensuring your ads are crafted correctly from the beginning.

Technical Set Up


Streamline your process with my setup package. If you're looking for just the technical setup of your ad account, including tracking, target audience setup, ad creation, copy, and more, I've got you covered. Save time and let's get your ads up and running seamlessly.


Uncover the full potential of your digital advertising efforts with my comprehensive ad account audits. I dive deep into the intricacies of your campaigns, assessing performance, audience targeting effectiveness, and overall strategy. Through detailed analysis, I identify areas for optimisation, providing actionable insights to enhance your ad account's efficiency and deliver better results.

Power Hour

Your dedicated hour of digital marketing expertise designed specifically for your needs. Whether you require assistance with technical setup, refining your strategy, or optimising performance, this flexible hour is yours to focus on the specific aspects of your digital marketing goal.

  • Are images included in the scope of work?
    I usually ask my clients to share images and videos with me on Google drive. However, I edit using Canva. If you require product photography then under some circumstances I can manage this for you and there would be an additional fee.
  • Does the project price include ad spend?
    No. The ad spend is a separate cost that you will pay directly to Facebook. I can help you to determine the best ad spend for your goals. This can also be adjusted as we go.
  • Is there a minimum ad spend I will require?
    No, there is no minimum budget, however, it's rare to spend less than $12 a day and this will be enough to run only 2 ad sets/4-6 ads.
  • What ad services do you offer?
    I offer full Facebook and Instagram ads management and Google ads management. Check out all my services under the services tab.
  • How will I get the audit results?
    On a PDF which we'll go through over a 30-minute video call.
  • What is included in the meta(Facebook & Instagram) ad account audit?
    Full audit inc: Ad account setup, connections, correct completion of all areas, audiences & new ones to add, catalog, lead gen forms, strategy, your campaign setup, ad sets, ads, reports, tracking, results & budget. Plus CRO advice for your site.
  • Do I need to provide my login details to grant you access to my ad account?
    No, you should never share your login information. I only need you to grant me access by inviting me. If you're unsure how to do this then I can send you instructions.
  • What is included in a Google ad account audit?
    I will simply go into your account and check if it has been set up properly then advise changes you will need to make to ensure your ads are effective. I will be looking at the account itself, the campaigns, the overall setup & the billing setup.
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